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Ronin Yoshino (浪人 よしの) is an original manga series created by Shinrin Sam. Bros. The manga started in 2006 and is based on extensive research[1] on ancient Japanese culture and mythology. All of the characters were inspired by real people or from folklore.

The manga takes place in a fantasy world resembling ancient Japan were civil wars and strife over land ownership are common. The story revolves around the adventures of the rebel woman warrior – Akuba, Someiyoshino (aka: Ronin Yoshino). She fights against the corrupt Samurai government in order to bring rights to the commoners.

Rated: T+ (teens and older) Genre: action/ adventure/ fantasy/ historical/ shonen

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Akuba, Someiyoshino is the protagonist and title character of the manga. She's stubborn, outspoken and full of pride which often gets her into tight situations. Yoshino doesn't like being ordered around or doing any hard work, such as bathing her horse Iteza and making Kagekiri do the work[2].

Kagekiri is Yoshino's retainer (a servent). He's honest, very loyal and protective towards Yoshino but can be potentionally self-destructive. Kagekiri was once a violent yokai, but when he met Yoshino, she changed his view on life and for that he feels eternally grateful[3].

Takemaru, Arashi is the Daimyo (samurai warlord) and the main antagnoist of the manga. He's a disciplined, career-oriented and authoritive man who's practical and focused on his goals. Takemaru owns most of the land and desires to claim the rest of Fujiwara Province for himself[4].

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Ronin Yoshino vol.2 Manga

The manga is printed as magazine sized books containing one complete manga chapter, character profiles and extra artwork with extras: sketches (within the book), a trading card, 4x6" signed art print and a poster. The manga is usually in black and white with screentones (like most manga) and read from right to left. The special edition books contain colour chapters.

Ronin Yoshino manga is currently a self-published series of books printed in limited numbers.



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